About Us

What is Montessori?

Montessori education is based on the work of Italian paediatrician and educator Maria Montessori, whose research gave birth to an educational system that has grown worldwide. Through her extensive observation and insight, she developed a philosophy based on the natural development of children and their intrinsic desire to explore, discover, and learn from the world around them. She saw education not as an end in itself but as an aid to life.

Montessori education addresses not only the academic, but also the physical, emotional and social development of the child. Thus, Montessori education is an integrated approach whose aim is to fulfill the needs of the “whole child”. The Montessori Method creates a supportive and stimulating environment where the children can unfold intellectually, emotionally, and socially to manifest the special self within. Rather than force feeding the information to children, the Montessori Method provides the child with surroundings specially prepared to encourage and reward the young minds quest for understanding.


Teaching is our passion. Our loving and caring staff is committed to providing each child with a well-rounded foundation to assist their early development. Our dedicated teachers provide a stimulating and challenging curriculum to promote curiosity, creativity, and individual growth. HMA employs teachers with high credentials and academic standards. We recruit degree certified teachers, RECE, and MACTE accredited Montessori educators.